Would you
like to increase the efficiency of your production?

We at Progressum Oy offer a development service spanning the entire production chain. The focus of development covers production capacity, functioning, and its ability to achieve results. The tasks of production management and supervisors usually involve a hectic pace of numerous events, with working hours being broken up into tiny fragments. It often happens that there is not enough continuous time or resources for production development. Progressum Oy offers know-how for momentary and longer-term needs.

Productivity is a matter of will!

Planning and Implementation of Investments

Why plan?

When acquiring new equipment, production lines, or building new business premises, good planning brings with it significant value added throughout the implementation of the investment

I am available to help you as needed in planning, equipment selection, competitive tendering and project management,
from the idea proposal phase to the end of commissioning to ensure the full utilization of procurement. Planning takes place in 3D, making it easy for all parties to get a good overview of the project.

Planning equipment selection and placement, production line flow or expansion logistics form the starting point for determining the cost of your procurements, as well as the operating costs, i.e. your future competitiveness. For example, how much labour is tied up in production.

By modelling the project, we see the needs and opportunities in advance. From the long-term cost management viewpoint, it
is also important when making new plans to also take into account the future potential needs and expansion trends of the project. By looking a few steps ahead, one can ensure that the planned investments can be used well in the future of your business.

Investments can be planned so that production already flowing crosswise or otherwise challenging production can be cleared up during each new investment phase. The end result is a clear and
well-functioning production wholeness. Seeking out different alternatives and developing models together with all the associated stakeholders ensures the best final outcome. The increase in the size of a company does not have to mean increase in confusion; this is also an opportunity to develop that which already exists. The functionality and cost-effectiveness of the whole are enhanced. Future competitiveness is determined by the choices made today.

The future is all that we can influence!

Increasing the efficiency of production processes

How to incrase capacity while using the current resources

The efficiency and productivity of your production processes depend on many factors. These include the available facilities, machinery and plant, people, and several other factors and their control. Production optimisation enhances production capacity while using the current machinery and plant, and without requiring major additional investments. The essential matters to be resolved include identification and elimination of real bottlenecks. It has been possible to greatly enhance the capacity of bottleneck devices as a result of performance optimisation. Overall production capacity is also significantly
impacted by other variables and disturbance factors. Having them under control has great functional and economic bearing on production. The best results necessitate the measurement of efficiency and the application of these results as support.

It is useful to always check the possibilities of the current machinery and plant as regards capacity before investing in new equipment.

Exploit your production capacity to its fullest.

Development of work methods

How to make work efforts produce the best results

Time may be consumed at work stations in doing things which fail to produce value added. Work methods should be eveloped to eliminate unnecessary steps, motions, and other unnecessary work stages, which are unproductive elements work time. Often these elements are also the elements that cause a large proportion of the daily burden or strain imposed by work. An experienced worker is not necessarily able himself to see needs for changes at his work station or in what he does and how he does it. The design of work stations and work methods enables smoothly flowing and productive work.

Good design and planning, and you're half way there… as we like say in Finland!

Solving problems

Solutions to challenges and technical problems faced in production

Progressum Oy also solves individual problems in production. Examples of these are problems in product development or in the process. Determining the causes of malfunctioning disorders of various production equipment items, and lanning and organising of remedial actions are all aspects of everyday operation. There are times when seemingly minor but persistent problems cause significant waste and fall in productivity.

There's no point in worrying about problems, they need to be solved!

Staff training

Training focusing on the tools and fundamentals of productivity

We at Progressum Oy offer development services meeting the needs of both today and tomorrow. Development operations executed as outsourcing services have their own role in this. But the preconditions for the long-term success of an enterprise require more than just timely actions. Another old Finnish saying goes like this: "Carried water won't stay in the well." The enterprise's own staff, especially the key persons, should be provided with training to enable them to appreciate the fundamentals of result-oriented operation and development of production. These are significant means of constant improvement of productivity. Expertise in the organising, measurement and development of production ensures viability far into the future.

Train your staff to become people who get results!